B Lab’s international network creates standards, tools, and programmes for organisations to shift their behaviour and culture.

The B Impact assessment is used to certify companies who are leading the way in addressing society’s most critical social and environmental challenges.

Our expert B Corp consultants are on hand to help you measure and manage your social and environmental impact, and identify quick wins to elevate your score.

We will go one step further to suggest tailored steps for your organisation to achieve longer term impact and lead in sustainable practice. 

Achieve social and environmental sustainability

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B Impact Assessment

What you need to know

Becoming more sustainable is not just the right thing to do; with increasing pressure from investors and stakeholders there can be fantastic benefits to demonstrating your commitment to people and the planet. The B Impact Assessment provides the opportunity to identify the social and environmental impacts of your organisation, set sustainability goals, benchmark against industry peers, and if you score above 80, join the B Lab community as a certified B Corp.

As a certified B Corp ourselves, we understand the process, requirements and challenges that can be involved in completing a B Impact Assessment.  

Interested to explore the benefits of B Corp accreditation?

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How do B Impact Assessments make your organisation more sustainable?

  • Monitor progress on your sustainability initiatives and measure their effectiveness;  
  • Identify key material areas where you are doing well and areas which require more focus; 
  • Highlight your organisation’s compliance with relevant social and environmental regulations; 
  • Become a certified B Corp, attracting talent, customers and investors (once you score above the threshold of 80 points). 

How Energise can help

The B Impact Assessment process includes completing a detailed questionnaire, resulting in a score across five pillars – Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Customers.  It’s not easy to score 80, but with our expert knowledge and support, we can help elevate your areas of strength.

Throughout the process our sustainability consultants will:

  • Identify key stakeholders to ensure the correct people are engaged.
  • Analyse your position and benchmark your score, conducting internal workshops where needed.
  • Create a “quick-wins” action plan to elevate your score over three months. 
  • Compile an improvement and implementation report or best practice report. 
  •  Help you gain a comprehensive understanding of your organisation’s impact and make evidence-based decisions.
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