Our biggest passion has always been to guide and empower organisations to act as a force for good.

That’s why we don’t just tick boxes. We go all in to help you connect with your own ‘Why’ and walk hand in hand with you on the journey towards sustainability.

We understand that no two organisations are the same, so we use a methodical approach to find solutions and help you create unique pathways. 

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Energise breaks down action on climate change into four steps:


Learn about your current performance, identify your carbon footprint and first steps to Net Zero.


Identify and implement opportunities to reduce your resource and energy consumption.


Transition to cleaner technology, adopt circular economy models and explore renewable generation.


As a last resort, while you’re implementing further reductions, you could rebalance emissions using responsible offsetting.

Solutions Areas

Starting on your Pathway to Net Zero goes beyond compliance with current UK carbon and energy-related schemes, to present exciting opportunities benefits for your employees, customers, investors and operations. 

Energise is your trusted guide through the challenges and opportunities of sustainability, from data and strategy, all the way to action and leadership.

Our specialist consultants are perfectly equipped to help you navigate your organisation’s reporting and compliance obligations, but we don’t just want to help our customers tick boxes. 

Energise offers a comprehensive list of energy services to help ensure efficient energy consumption. We work closely with you on a range of tailored energy services and efficiency solutions to ensure your operations are sustainable, compliant, and efficient.

Climate-related financial disclosure prepares for the impacts of climate change and aids investors in understanding climate risks, so that they can make better-informed investment decisions.

We offer a wide range of tailored services to help organisations deliver on their commitments and mandatory reporting, and we use our experience to help you navigate the challenges associated with climate disclosures.

Social sustainability is all about a company’s efforts to positively impact the people involved with or affected by its operations. Whether motivated by ethics, economics, or both, businesses around the world are recognising the importance of integrating social sustainability into their strategies and operations.

Our team will provide tailored support, training and audits to identify your current position and unlock the next steps to ensure your organisation supports both planet and people.

Depending on their size or resources, organisations might face very different barriers on the road to sustainability.

That is why Energise developed the Net Zero Club – a tech-enabled solution designed with the needs of smaller and medium enterprises in mind.


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