We all have a role to play in the transition towards a sustainable future. Our team of experts will unlock opportunities to deliver impact in your sector.

No matter the sector you operate in, as an organisation you  must consider your impact on climate change and social sustainability, and seek to review it regularly as part of good governance and strategic processes. 

Our sector specialists work with customers across a range of industries. Take a look at the sectors we’ve already delivered work in: 

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The actions taken by the technology industry in the next few years will define the success of the UK’s legally-binding commitment to Net Zero. To date, we have built partnerships and supported customers in fintech, communications and IT.

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The manufacturing industry has enormous potential in creating positive change and a low-carbon future. Our expertise is primarily in durable goods, but our track record covers a wide range of sub-sectors, such as metals, food, textiles, paper, timber and more.

Third Sector


Whether your organisation delivers professional, scientific and technical activities, or  administrative and support services, our team is experienced in designing and delivering sustainability solutions in your sector. 


Our track record includes experience of primary, secondary, further, and higher education. Energise is also a strategic partner of Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK), supporting the #teachthefuture campaign, and is working closely with EAUC on their “Costing Net Zero” initiative.

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Agriculture & Forestry

Aside from being one of the sectors at the highest risk from the impact of climate change, it also represents one of the biggest sources of emissions, so is a key part of our collective decarbonisation journey. Energise is working across the sector to develop the Timber Industry Net Zero Roadmap. 

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Hospitality and Leisure

Sustainability presents a real opportunity for the Hospitality industry. With a range of stakeholders to manage, from investors to consumers to workers, it’s important to implement robust sustainability strategies that stand up to scrutiny. We have experience across pubs & breweries, restaurants & QSR, attractions and hotels.


In Retail, the focus on Net Zero is in three key areas: the retailer’s own operations, driving down emissions in the supply chain, and guiding customers towards lowering their own footprint through choices available to them. Our track record in this sector includes experience of both food and non-food retailers.

Local Government and Social Housing

Local Government brings together households, the community and the local economy, and is a key part of the UK’s Net Zero ambitions. Our team provides solutions to help you wherever you are on your sustainability journey.

Transport and Logistics

Whether you operate in the transport and logistics sector or rely on it in your supply chain, Energise offers sustainable solutions to help you on your decarbonisation journey. 

Third Sector

Energise has a long history of partnering with changing-making institutions in the third sector and continue to support them on their journey to sustainability. Whether you are a charity, voluntary group, community group, social enterprise, co-operative, or union, we’re here for you.


Wherever you sit in the Construction supply chain, we can help you contribute to a sustainable built environment. Our track record of delivery includes some of the largest contractors, as well as individual trades and suppliers.


Increasing pressure is placed on the finance sector to drive the transition to Net Zero. We can support you to make more sustainable decisions, increase transparency and keep pace with the latest best practice in the sector.