ESOS is the UK’s implementation of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive, and the UK Government have confirmed it is here to stay post-Brexit.

Phase 2 of ESOS concluded in 2019 and the Phase 3 deadline has been extended to June 2024. We think there is no better time than now to appoint your qualified assessor and begin the process. 
The scheme requires all businesses who meet the criteria to appoint an ESOS Lead Assessor, measure energy consumption, conduct energy audits, identify energy efficiency recommendations, and report compliance to the Environment Agency.

Your guide to ESOS

Everything you need to get started

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Who needs to comply?

  • Organisations with a turnover of over 50 million Euros (£44.1m) or an annual balance sheet of over 43 million euros (£37.9m)
  • Organisations with over 250 members of staff
  • Overseas organisation with over 250 employees in the UK
  • Smaller organisations that are part of a larger organisation, which falls into any of the above

Questions for our ESOS team?

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How does ESOS move you closer to Net Zero?

ESOS often forms the carbon baseline and the foundation of our Strategy work. Successfully delivering on the pathway to Net Zero includes continual measurement, which looks at performance in absolute terms, as well as against the strategy.

How we can help

Our team of experts and qualified lead assessors have in-depth and current knowledge about the requirements and guidelines of ESOS.

We make sure you are familiar and kept up to date with the data required, audit requirements and timeline of delivery. Having gathered the information we need about your organisation, we will compile all that is needed for compliance. A couple of approaches can be used to audit areas of consumption: either ISO50001 or Energy Audits. Your team will look at the best option for you. 

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