Our Energy Management service is about solving energy efficiency issues as they arise.
We back our Energy Management service with a Performance Guarantee whereby we guarantee that you will save at least your project fee in each year. If we don’t, guess who pays the difference? We do.

If you can measure it, you can monitor it!

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Energy Management

Importance of Energy Management?

Energy and water account for a significant amount of expenditure for a business. With prices forecast to increase year-on-year, businesses should consider that the cheapest form of energy is the energy we don’t use. 

As well as the financial benefits, investing in Energy Management and Reduction leads to businesses being more sustainable and resilient, and helps them become more attractive to customers, suppliers and staff.

Questions about Energy Management?

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How does energy management move you closer to Net Zero?

This retained service is the equivalent of having an in-house energy manager, with a dedicated part-time or full-time consultant on hand to provide a range of services and strategic advice. 

Having worked with highly complex organisations in high-impact industries, as well as small and medium companies, we are best positioned to share best practice and help you identify opportunities to develop your Net Zero strategy through a cyclical and continous “Review-Reduce-Renew-Rebalance” approach to your energy usage.  

How we can help

With our Performance Guarantee on Energy Management Programmes, your monthly invoices will be based on calculated savings, up to your quoted fee to give you a reliable and cost-effective service. 

Energy savings are calculated simply with: Expected Energy Use – Ongoing Energy Use +/- Adjustments.

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