Tamsin and Simon Alsbury, Co-CEOs of Energise, smiling at the camera. There is a circle gradient behind them from orange to pink to blue.


Healing business, healing the planet

In 2008, husband and wife duo Simon and Tamsin Alsbury set off on a mission to “save the world” by educating organisations on the importance and practicalities of improving their energy efficiency. What they discovered along the way was that running a business “the right way,” where business is used as a vehicle for good both in the work it delivers and the way it relates to its stakeholders, is the key to real change. Because living more sustainably, being mindful of the environment we’re in and our relationship to this planet we call home, is less about climate change and more about culture change.

And while our understanding of what’s required to shift our economy towards Net Zero and a more sustainable future has changed over the past decade, our commitment and passion have not.


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We create positive change

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