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Kinovo is a leading UK provider of specialist property services centred on safety and regulatory compliance, supporting energy efficient solutions and home and community regeneration.

What Kinovo Group Needed

Kinovo are committed to their Environment, Social Value, Governance, Mental Wellbeing & People goals, which include strengthening their contributions to UN Sustainable Development Goals. With these set as priorities for the coming years, progress in these areas will be a whole team effort. Therefore, Kinovo approached Energise as providers of carbon literacy training, for a bespoke workshop to be delivered in-person to multiple audiences within the organisation. 

Our Process of Innovation

Our carbon literacy training was created and delivered by our expert Net Zero consultants, so Kinovo could be certain that they had the most up-to-date and relevant information on the current climate landscape. The training offered a deeper understanding of global and business-specific contexts that provided attendees with the confidence to discuss sustainability related matters, embed insights it into decision making and think holistically about the development of a Net Zero strategy.

Outcomes and Benefits for Kinovo Group

Energise’s tailored approach to Kinovo’s needs meant that the training delivered was interactive and engaging, through team participation and real-life relevant examples. The training covered a range of topics, including climate science; policies, disclosure and risk; and Kinovo’s carbon footprint, environmental policies, and targets, along with how these could be reached. 

By involving the senior leadership team and contract managers in these sessions, Kinovo could ensure a certain baseline understanding of climate-relevant issues across the organisation, and a common vocabulary to discuss these issues moving forward.  

Key decision makers now have an enhanced understanding of the essential scientific, regulatory, and societal context of climate change, which empowers confident action and progress towards sustainability related goals.  

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The carbon literacy training course was very informative and I was surprised on how little I knew personally on the subject, I'm sure now collectively we can all make a difference, however small we may think we impact on the environment we all work and live in.

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Trained Kinovo’s senior leadership team and contract managers in carbon literacy
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Achieved foundational understanding of climate science, the policy landscape, and the role of businesses in addressing climate change 
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Empowered Kinovo with the confidence to communicate and apply knowledge of the company’s carbon footprint, strategy, targets, and progress

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