KIER GROUP - Energy Compliance Schemes in Safe Hands

Kier is a leading property, construction and services group. They operate across a range of sectors including defence, education, health, housing, industrials, power, property, transport and utilities.

What Kier Needed
Kier need a trusted partner to help provide a central point of contact, coordination, and compliance work, covering a wide variety of schemes, both compulsory and voluntary.

Our Process of Innovation

Through the delivery of our services, we built a vast collection of information, experience, and knowledge of Kier, how they operate and their energy and carbon characteristics. We utilised this to both of our advantages, as well as workshops, additional information gathering, scenario modelling and development of scope 3 data reporting methodologies.

Outcomes and Benefits for Kier

Since the partnership, Energise have assisted Kier in developing a clearer strategy on energy and carbon management. With regular education, Kier colleagues understood that carbon is a core business matter, something that impacts the entire business and has significant financial and commercial implications.

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Clearer strategy on energy and carbon management
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Wider business engagement on effective carbon management
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Effective system for data management and reporting

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