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As the UK leading adjuvant supplier, Interagro partner with all levels of the agricultural industry and provide products and solutions to optimise plant health and performance for farmers.

What Interagro Needed

Interagro enlisted the help of Energise’s consultants to develop a roadmap for carbon footprinting, engage with their supply chain and analyse the carbon emissions associated with their product lines.

Our Process of Innovation

Energise’s Net Zero Hub is a bespoke online tool, which allows businesses to input their own data and generate carbon footprints for themselves. They can immediately bring up details and generate bespoke reports, gain a deep understanding of emissions and their impact, and therefore always know their current position.

Outcomes and Benefits for Interagro

Following our initial two-year long project, Energise trained Interagro’s team to use the Net Zero Hub to produce their own carbon footprint for each product. In the long-term, this was a more cost-effective option for Interagro and means that their colleagues can fully own and be aware of the carbon emissions associated with each product line.

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At Interagro we are at the start of our carbon neutral journey. The nature of our products naturally offers farmers more sustainable solutions but working with Energise has given us more clarity in detailing out the carbon footprint for each and every one of our products. From here, with the support, expert knowledge and guidance from Energise we can define a clear strategy with achievable and realistic goals. I have been most impressed with their knowledge and expertise.

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Roadmap for supply chain engagement and data analysis
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Independence in understanding and reporting current emissions
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Wider staff engagement and ownership of the company’s footprint

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