Webinar Recording: Net Zero Strategy

Top view looking down at three people working at a laptop with a coffee, their hands hold a sheet of paper with a chart on.

Developing a net zero strategy and setting targets is all about taking the steps to identify an achievable plan, speed to implementation and engagement with your employees and customers.

On Wednesday 20th March we hosted a webinar which included:

  • An update on the latest trends with climate change and what needs to be done
  • The typical journey a customer goes through in creating a net zero strategy
  • The benefits of working towards net zero
  • Discussing customer projects and where Energise have made an impact
  • A live Q&A with our experts

Meet the hosts:

Headshot of Peter Michel, Principal Consultant in Net Zero and Sustainability strategy and disclosure

Peter Michel, Principal Consultant in the Strategy and Disclosure team at Energise

Peter is dedicated to protecting the natural world that he loves, both for himself and for future generations.

Vibhati Bhatia, Managing Consultant of the Social Sustainability solutions team at Energise

With vast experience in ESG strategy and a dedication to environmental and social justice campaigning, Vibhati leads sustainability consultancy Energise in developing strategic solutions for B Corp certifications, DE&I, Wellbeing, Cultural change, Human Rights, and more.

Click below to watch the recording and visit our Events page to view our upcoming webinars.

Written By    Emma Lane

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