Energise helps you uncover opportunities in becoming Net Zero. Net Zero Strategy is all about the steps to identifying a Net Zero Plan and implementing actions to achieve your targets.

Our team will assist you in producing and adopting a Net Zero Strategy with science-based targets (SBTs) at its core.

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Net Zero Strategy

What does a Net Zero Strategy include?

An effective Net Zero strategy starts with a review of your carbon emissions, aligned to the internationally recognised Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol. This carbon data should form the baseline of your Strategy. The GHG Protocol splits emissions into three scopes: 

  • Scope 1 – direct emission from combustion of fuels by facilities and vehicles
  • Scope 2 – indirect emissions from purchased electricity, steam, heat, and cooling
  • Scope 3 – indirect emissions from your value chain split into upstream and downstream emissions and into 15 categories.

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How do scenario modelling & having a strategy in place move you closer to Net Zero?

We use audits to identify energy and carbon reduction and renewable efficiencies available within your portfolio, which is included in the bottom-up approach in scenario modelling. 

How we can help

We believe Net Zero can be broken down into four clear steps – Review, Reduce, Renew, Rebalance. These can then be used to decide your approach. It starts first with reviewing your footprint, so you know where you are. You then reduce your resource use to ensure there is no unnecessary waste, followed by transitioning to renewables and cleaner technology (such as electric vehicles) and then the remaining carbon emissions can be offset using traceable, responsible projects.

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