Happy people, happy planet: how Energise and Happy partnered for good.

Discover how Energise partnered with Happy through a shared passion for people and the planet, by providing leadership development and net zero carbon solutions for each other. 

Recognising the importance of leadership development and sustainable action 

At Energise, our people are at the heart of everything we do. Team happiness often rests on leadership, so we partnered with Happy, who help organisations to be more successful by making their workplaces more positive and productive. To do this, they provide great experiences in workplace consultancy, training and apprenticeships across leadership, personal development and IT.  

Happy are on their journey to Net Zero, so enlisted Energise’s expertise for their sustainability strategy. We were thrilled to have partnerships flowing in both directions, providing solutions to each other through our shared passion for people and the planet.  

Happy’s leadership development and training solutions for Energise 

Teaming up with Happy was a natural choice; both of our organisations are B Corp certified, highlighting that we walk the talk when it comes to positive impacts across the community, customer, environment, governance and worker pillars of accreditation.  

Happy’s leadership programmes give people the skills to create high-performing teams with a culture based on trust and empowerment. Eight of our management team, including our CEOs, are enrolled in the first cohort. Our aim is that the first cohort will become a culture-change multiplier and ensure Energise is a fantastic place to work. It is our goal that every manager will join the programme to embody the positive values that we stand for; encouraging others to reach their full potential, whilst championing our culture and safeguarding employee wellbeing. 

Laura Cristea, our Head of Marketing, shared her thoughts on the programme: 

“I’m really enjoying the consistency of Happy’s training plan. It has clearly been designed with an appreciation for building on knowledge and awareness gained during the previous sessions, so nothing feels lost or arbitrary. 

“During each meeting, there’s ample opportunity to share our experiences, explore our vulnerability as leaders and support each other through the challenges we’re facing. Personally, I am already reaping the rewards of understanding my own communication style on a deeper level, and the organic form it takes in a predictable, relaxed environment vs. when facing stress.” 

As well as our leadership training, we’re enjoying the benefits of Happy’s learning platforms for training in workplace and well-being skills including work-life balance, assertiveness, presentation skills and project management. 

Zoe Wells, our Associate Director (People) commented: 

“It is very important to us that we have a team of leaders and managers that you would want to work for, leading by example with open, positive, and empathetic communication whilst championing our culture and employee wellbeing. We want to be an exceptional employer, and this starts with exceptional managers. Happy’s Leadership training was the perfect fit for us.  

“Stephen is a fantastic facilitator, the sessions are very engaging and the feedback from all of our management team has been great. We loved the ethos of Happy and their values felt very aligned with our own, it is also wonderful that they are on their own sustainability journey and a fellow B-Corp. The training is already having an impact and inspiring the work that we do as leaders.” 

Energise’s sustainability solutions for Happy 

As we embarked on training with Happy, we were also able to support them on their own journey. Our expert consultants are in the process of delivering a bespoke Net Zero Strategy for Happy, including audits, supply chain assessments, scenario modelling plus climate literacy training to embed sustainability across the organisation.

Suzi Ellington, Account Manager at Happy explains: 

“Happy was in the early stages of reviewing its sustainability when Energise approached us about their own learning needs. As they are experts on helping companies achieve Net Zero, we chose to partner with them to assess our environmental impact and where we can improve. 

They have provided us with a range of informative workshops for us to learn more about our carbon footprint and to discuss our targets and objectives. They have also worked with us on a supply chain assessment so that we can ensure we have thoroughly measured the impact of our activities. 

We look forward to implementing their recommendations to help us achieve Net Zero and working together to ensure Happy is fully sustainable going forward.” 

We’re looking forward to seeing where the partnership between Energise and Happy takes us next, and we hope that you’re feeling inspired to consider what changes you can make in your own organisation. 

If you want to learn more about Happy’s range of inspirational courses including IT, Leadership and Personal Development, visit happy.co.uk or email hello@happy.co.uk 

For our sustainability solutions at Energise, explore energise.com or contact our team of consultants at gonetzero@energise.com 

Written By    Emma Lane

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