South Asian Heritage Month 2023 – ‘Stories to Tell’ with Kamruj Jaman

Our Associate Director (Finance), Kamruj Jaman, shares his story for South Asian Heritage Month, reflecting on how his heritage, family values and faith shaped his desire to contribute meaningfully to a healthier Earth.

Coming from a South Asian background has always been a source of immense pride for me. It’s a connection that reaches back to Bangladesh, symbolizing the enduring struggles and unwavering determination of individuals like my late Grandfather. He ventured to the UK in the 1950s, a pivotal era, and his relentless toil within factories was the cornerstone that supported our family.

This initial sacrifice paved the path for my parents’ journey to this new land. Upon their arrival, my Father delved into the catering industry, emerging as a trailblazer during those formative years. He played a pivotal role in introducing South Asian cuisine to the UK, a legacy he continues to uphold. Through the years, his commitment remained steadfast, a testament to his work ethic.

Meanwhile, my Mother admirably shouldered the responsibility of nurturing our sizable brood of six siblings. Her dedication never wavered, and she instilled within us a set of fundamental values. These values encompassed respect, regardless of one’s background, veneration for our elders, care for the environment, and the virtue of humility. These principles were deeply rooted in the teachings of our faith, Islam.

Sustainability served as a central pillar in our upbringing. Long before recycling gained widespread popularity, we embraced the concept of reusing materials, minimizing our contribution to landfills. The household held its own share of idiosyncrasies, like opening an ice cream tub only to discover an unexpected treasure. The fleeting excitement of childhood quickly dissipated into disappointment, yet it was a testament to our household’s commitment to recycling and repurposing. Our kitchen witnessed the transformation of food wastage prevention, efficient storage practices, and even the cultivation of our own fruits and vegetables.

The consciousness of humanity’s impact on our planet remained ingrained in us, leading me to my current position at Energise. It’s a conscious choice, driven by the desire to contribute meaningfully to a healthier Earth. This belief that education and action transcend boundaries fuels my dedication. I firmly believe that collectively, we can safeguard our planet for generations to come. Each individual has a role to play, and together, we script a narrative of hope for the future.

Written By    Kamruj Jaman

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