Our report into the state of Net Zero and our collective action

As specialists in Pathways to Net Zero, we are on a mission to be the catalyst for 1% of the UK to go Net Zero by 2025. That is why today we are delighted to launch a sector-wide report into the current policy landscape, future trends and costs and benefits of our collective ambition.
While it is crucial to acknowledge that the UK has delivered significant emissions reductions since 1990 and there were some excellent policy changes in 2020 (n.b. 2030 ICE car & van sale date move), these announcements were not enough to get us aligned to a Net Zero Pathway.
The findings of our report are clear: recently adopted measures only provide 16% of the extra movement needed to align us as a country to the target we’re committed to. Our collective action needs to be bold and equitable going forward to make sure we remain on track.
Some of the issues we cover in the report include:
  • An analysis of the UK 10-point plan
  • A 6-page sector by sector breakdown of current policies and regulations
  • Common pathways for most sectors of the economy
  • Projects and forecasting for beyond 2021
The full report is now available and free to download through our Net Zero Hub.
If you do not yet have an account, you can create one quickly and for free under the Empower Level: NET ZERO HUB Signup
Once logged in, simply head over to the Net Zero Experts area and download it.
This commentary paper explores the status of a wide range of topics related to the delivery of Net Zero. It is not intended to provide any advice or specific fully
formalised frameworks or solutions for organisations to establish, set or deliver Net Zero targets and/or strategies. It also does not seek to exhaustively address all
dimensions of Net Zero.
Simon Alsbury, Energise
Written By    Simon Alsbury

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