Our reflections on International Women’s Day 2022

The 8th of March is a pretty special day. As we look back on how we have come and forward at the work we need to do collectively, we want to wish everyone a happy International Women’s Day – here’s to celebrating the achievements of friends, colleagues, family, customers and partners!

As well as an important reminder to celebrate milestones, the 8th of March is also the perfect opportunity to focus our attention on the road ahead: urgent action on gender equity is still necessary, particularly in the context of tackling climate change. Climate change doesn’t just disproportionately affect women’s futures and livelihoods, but their mental and physical wellbeing is also more vulnerable. According to a peer-reviewed study, across the world, women are more likely than men to be affected by food insecurity, and pregnant women often experience reduced access to care services as a result of climate change impacts.

But generations of women’s unique experiences also present some of the solutions to the climate crisis – from insights into urban planning and farming practices, resource efficiency, healthcare and beyond, we already have an inexhaustible well of knowledge to draw from.

The theme of this 2022’s International Women’s Day is #BreakTheBias. It invites men, women and non-binary people alike to understand our own unconscious biases, examine gender gaps in society and challenge norms.

That is why, today of all days, we are reminded of our motivation to be a catalyst for change, leading the world towards Net Zero, but also of our mission to challenge stereotypes, recognise biases and redress imbalances in our sector and networks, starting as always with our own governance.

Energise is a majority women-owned organisation and over 50% of our Board of Directors and Leadership Team are women. We support flexible working models and operate with an enhanced fully paid maternity and paternity leave allowance. We are always looking for new ways to support our team’s passions and celebrate our diversity, so if you want to learn more about our culture or if you’d like to become part of our story through one of our current vacancies, head to Our Story page.

Written By    Tamsin Alsbury

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