Our Head of Net Zero shares her thoughts on what the everyday impact of our small decisions can mean for our jobs.

Leaving COP behind for one more year, government leaders, negotiators and activists are making their way back home. As many grapple with the meaning of the pledges made in Glasgow, some of us are sitting back wondering “What now?”; “What did they mean?”; “Is anything changing?”; “That’s all well and good but..”

International climate change summits and shared agreements are very important. They set the tone and lead to international action, but they can often feel ridiculously removed from what we, as individuals, are able to achieve. I want to offer you a different perspective: “what you can”, and probably are already, doing.

Most jobs and career choices have an impact on our climate, often times unintentionally. Simply by flipping the narrative to taking intentional actions and making considerate decisions, you are most likely increasing your impact on the outcome in the battle for the human race – because, let’s be completely honest here, the lump of rock we call home will survive without us. If we want to thrive alongside it, we have to act now.

Let’s take a look at how you might already be doing just that. I have pulled together a list of job titles that may not immediately sound like they helping solve the climate crisis, but they will, just as long as they are intentionally impactful.

Leadership on sustainability is everywhere, not just in closed-doors high-security negotiations rooms, but in lunch rooms, in dining rooms, in meeting rooms and in class rooms. It’s true that we have the inglorious distinction of being the only species creating its own extinction event – but it doesn’t need to be that way.

Allow me to encourage you to be “intentionally impactful” in your role and join the worldwide team to action. We are all in this together, from designers, to estate managers to drivers and teachers, all in a position to make our own small decisions to help keep global warming below 1.5°C and look after the future of humanity on this planet.

Together, for the sake of the future, let’s make a real difference every day across all professions and passion projects.

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