How can we empower SMEs to lead on Net Zero?

Here at Energise, we are a growing business with big ambitions to be the catalyst for 1% of the UK becoming Net Zero by 2025. We want other small and medium sized organisations like us to play an active part in building our common future, so we want to make Net Zero easier for you by setting out realistic options, guiding you to take action and aligning your efforts to key industry standards. In our experience, collective action is the root of success, so we have just submitted our response to the CDP 2021 SME Climate Disclosure Framework Consultation which is looking to improve capability for SMEs to report on their climate action. The SME Climate Disclosure Framework seeks to act not only as a data collection tool, but also as a guide to identify important climate metrics and report these to investors, purchasers, policy makers and other stakeholders. To reach and sustain Net Zero we must all play our part and SMEs have a significant role in that collective effort, as together we make up over 90% of the economy. But it can be difficult to cut through the noise and understand where to start.

A recent study showed that one in five businesses (22%) don’t fully understand the term ‘Net Zero’ and often face multiple barriers to addressing climate change including lack of information and lack of finance to support action. What’s more, many of the existing frameworks and guidelines for sustainability reporting do not cater to the needs of SMEs.

It’s important that SMEs have a clear way to demonstrate their climate leadership.
The recommendation within the CDP SME consultation for SMEs to build up reporting capabilities over 3 years provides a long timeframe for SMEs to disclose, however we’ve seen from our experience working with SMEs using the 4 R’s framework that this can be done much quicker.

Within a year we expect SMEs to be able to:
Review – You will have a complete carbon footprint covering all your direct emissions as well as the ones you are responsible for through your purchasing & value chain.

Reduce – You will have analysed your carbon footprint, highlighted the carbon intense elements of your portfolio & started to act on reducing these through your Net Zero action plan developed with a Net Zero Consultant.

Renew – You will develop a greater understanding of your role & evolution within a Net Zero economy: How you fit into the circular economy, what renewable & future technology fits with you & timelines for implementation.

Rebalance – After developing & rolling out your Net Zero action plan, you will look into rebalancing your emissions. This allows you to understand how you align to climate science, demonstrating climate leadership to your customers, investors, peers & all other stakeholders.

We understand your challenges and have developed the perfect digital tool to help you lead the way.

Visit the Net Zero Club website today to find out more about our digital consultancy services for SMEs, designed with affordability and accessibility in mind. Whether you are just getting started and want to understand your carbon footprint, or need specialised support in tackling your Scope 3 emissions, the Net Zero Club provides a range of memberships to fit all small and medium sized businesses.

Get in touch with us at if you would like to hear more about it.

Written By    Laura Cristea

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