Get ready: there’s a new government procurement policy in town

This week comes with important news for anyone working with or within the public sector – from September 2021, if you want to work on contracts worth over £5m per year, you will need to provide a Net Zero plan.
This is a significant step forward in the UK’s efforts to become Net Zero by 2050 and very positive news indeed for our sector as Net Zero is starting to step into a leading role.
Here’s what that means for you: Under the policy, you will need to be able to show that you:
  • – Have a Net Zero commitment (Net Zero by 2050)
  • – Be able to report Scope 1 & 2, and some Scope 3 (Waste, Business Travel, Employee Commuting, Transportation & Distribution – Upstream & Downstream)
  • – Be able to set out any standards you conform to and what actions you are planning to take to deliver Net Zero
You can get in touch with our team of consultants at any point if you need guidance and support with the above.
To date, we’ve supported our customers in delivering over £35m of energy savings, with over 160,000 tCO2 saved. The reason behind our success is that we don’t work to just tick boxes. We go all in to connect with our customers’ own ‘Why’ for reducing their carbon footprint.

Our approach to Net Zero is best summarised in 4 steps (Review – Reduce – Renew – Rebalace) which follow your organisation’s individual priorities and key objectives.Read more about our Net Zero discovery service here.

Full details of the new policy can be found here: Taking account of Carbon Reduction Plans.docx (
*Photo by Nathalia Segato.
Written By    Laura Cristea

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