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Headshot of Laura Clarke, Head of Marketing

Laura Clarke

Laura combines data and creativity to generate marketing plans that wow our customers and empower them to achieve their sustainably goals.

Headshot of Alex Lovegrove, Software Developer.

Alex Lovegrove

With a wide range of expertise in web solutions delivering value, Alex enjoys leveraging technology to make a positive impact.

Headshot of Natasha Carlin, Head of Strategy

Natasha Carlin

As our Head of Strategy, Natasha uses her passion for sustainability and results to support, drive, and elevate Energise’s mission.

Headshot of Senior Software Developer

Roman Bromidge

Roman supports the Digital team in building software products which make it easier for our customers to strive for sustainability.

headshot of Sales Coordinator

Jodie Crone

With a background in financial services and accounts, Jodie is using her numerical acumen to help customers take their first steps on their sustainability journeys. 

Headshot of Emma, Marketing Coordinator

Emma Lane

Emma uses market and customer insight to distribute content that adds value to our network. She is a passionate conservationist and writer.

Yasir Patel

Yasir is passionate about bringing innovation to life, especially in the Energy industry.

Max Shaughnessy

Max has a real passion for making beautiful User interface (UI) and creating intuitive User experience (UX).

Headshot of Heather, Service Improvement Consultant.

Heather Bingham

Heather oversees the design and development of our services. She is passionate about empowering businesses to be a force for good.

Owain Williams

Owain ensures the Digital Team are building the right amount of the right thing at the right time, bringing users the right amount of value.