Strategy | Digital | Brand | Commercial

Yasir Patel

Yasir is passionate about bringing innovation to life, especially in the Energy industry.

Max Shaughnessy

Max has a real passion for making beautiful User interface (UI) and creating intuitive User experience (UX).

Heather Bingham

Heather oversees the design and development of our services. She is passionate about empowering businesses to be a force for good.

Owain Williams

Owain ensures the Digital Team are building the right amount of the right thing at the right time, bringing users the right amount of value.

Melanie Hindley

Mel adds a wide range of professional administrative skills to our Strategy & Sales team, including managing internal reporting requirements, balancing priorities and ensuring the delivery of high-level services.

Kevin Daly

Kevin will help you start your net zero and sustainability journey, get in touch and have a chat!

Kesi Courtman

Kesi leads the development and innovation of our services. Her superpower is anticipating emerging issues and deciding how best to deal with them.

Laura Cristea

Above all, Laura is a great fan of public engagement with science and belives climate justice won’t just talk about itself. She is the custodian of our brands and helps our team and customers communicate their impact and intentions.

Jack Muir

Jack has joined our Technical Services team to improve the performance and user experience of our key tools and systems.