Senior Management Team

Zoe Wells

Zoe leads on the people and talent strategy to drive our mission, vision, and values. Her superpower is coaching and advising others on all things people related.

Stacey Kennoy

Stacey oversees the day to day delivery of our projects ensuring we provide an outstanding delivery experience to all of our customers.

Kesi Courtman

Kesi leads the development and innovation of our services. Her superpower is anticipating emerging issues and deciding how best to deal with them.

Kamruj Jaman

Kamruj heads up the Finance team. He provides financial insights to the business, loves a continuous improvement culture, and enjoys mentoring others.

Headshot of Energise's Head of Commercial

Adam Wright

Award nominated for his work, Adam is a keen influencer who cultivates meaningful and long-lasting relationships with our customers and helps them see their potential for a positive impact on the environment.

Mags Kelly

Mags looks after the development of our digital systems and leads on technical risks and opportunities for our Net Zero software solutions.