Project Operations

Kerry Sheppard

Kerry has a huge passion for sustainability and the environment. She believes that everyone can make small changes in their everyday lives to live more sustainably and look after the planet. Her superpower is wowing customers.

Russell Hafidh

Russell collects, reviews and analyses data from our clients, then produces reports and creates carbon footprints for them.

Ruby Field

Ruby assists the team with day to day admin tasks and all things project management.

Nik Payne

Nik leads on project operations and loves nothing more than a robust project plan. Nik ensures that the Energise Team have what they need to deliver for our customers. Nik is particularly interested in systems, processes and reporting.

Stacey Kennoy

Stacey oversees the day to day delivery of our projects ensuring we provide an outstanding delivery experience to all of our customers.

Antonia Lawton

Antonia has always had a passion for the environment which influenced her decision to work in the sector. She loves all kinds of music and is obsessed with quizzing and general knowledge.

Sarah Penn

Sarah is responsible for overseeing our operations and delivery teams and thrives on helping our customers exceed their expectations.