Archives: Team

Zoe Wells

Zoe leads on the people and talent strategy to drive our mission, vision, and values. Her superpower is coaching and advising others on all things people related.

Yasir Patel

Yasir is passionate about bringing innovation to life, especially in the Energy industry.

Sobia Khurram

Sobia ensures that our customers have useful insights to draw conclusions by providing concrete recommendations , paving their ways in achieving energy efficiency. She is very conscious about the environment and strives to look after its health.

Nicolette Walshe

Nicolette oversees the technical standard of a energy pod that delivers high quality energy management and reduction services to our customers.

Max Shaughnessy

Max has a real passion for making beautiful User interface (UI) and creating intuitive User experience (UX).

Kimberley Arlaud

Kim loves supporting organisations to become more sustainable and helping them to find opportunities to maximise their positive impact on the world.

Heather Bingham

Heather oversees the design and development of our services. She is passionate about empowering businesses to be a force for good.

Owain Williams

Owain ensures the Digital Team are building the right amount of the right thing at the right time, bringing users the right amount of value.

Kerry Sheppard

Kerry has a huge passion for sustainability and the environment. She believes that everyone can make small changes in their everyday lives to live more sustainably and look after the planet. Her superpower is wowing customers.

Nathan Bennett

Nathan is a data enthusiast. He loves to analyse data for insight and use it to help identify specific and evidence-based actions.