Headshot of Tom Handslip, Senior Energy Consultant.

Tom Handslip

Tom uses his specialist knowledge of energy to help businesses have a positive impact on the planet and reach Net Zero.

Headshot of Data Administrator in the Strategy and Disclosure team

Ben Nicholls

Ben supports our Strategy and Disclosure consultants to collect and interpret data.

Headshot of Senior Software Developer

Roman Bromidge

Roman supports the Digital team in building software products which make it easier for our customers to strive for sustainability.

headshot of Sales Coordinator

Jodie Crone

With a background in financial services and accounts, Jodie is using her numerical acumen to help customers take their first steps on their sustainability journeys. 

Headshot of Emma, Marketing Coordinator

Emma Lane

Emma uses market and customer insight to distribute content that adds value to our network. She is a passionate conservationist and writer.

Headshot of Judit, Managing Consultant for Carbon and Environment

Judit Pelikan

Judit leads a team of consultants who deliver Net Zero action plans and guides customers on their complex sustainability journeys.

Vibhati Bhatia

With a dedication to environmental and social justice campaigning, and vast experience in ESG strategy, Vibhati leads on the development of new services for B Corp certifications, DE&I, Wellbeing, Cultural change, Human Rights, and more.

Headshot of Associate Director (Consultancy)

Nadine Bowles-Newark

Nadine believes “every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” (Lao Tzu) – that’s how we can make sustainability achievable one report at a time.

Headshot of Jody Jones, Senior Net Zero Consultant in the Carbon and Environment area

Jody Jones

Jody always had a passion for the environment, which is what drove her to starting a Net Zero committee at her previous workplace, and embraced a sustainability career to motivate others to act.

Headshot of Peter Michel, Senior Consultant in Net Zero and Sustainability strategy and disclosure

Peter Michel

Peter is dedicated to protecting the natural world that he loves, both for himself and for future generations.