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The pressure is continuing to mount on companies, particularly in the technology sector, to improve their carbon emissions. With various solutions, from switching to renewable energy sources to hosting sustainability workshops and training to educate your workforce, not to mention the various innovative digital solutions that are continuously evolving. It can be extremely hard to know where to start on your journey to reducing your carbon emissions. 

But first, before companies jump into the net zero landscape they must understand what net zero carbon consulting means and the options that are available to them, that will have the biggest impact.

If you can measure it, you can monitor it!

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Net Zero in Tech

What is Net Zero in the Technology Sector?

Firstly, let’s dive into the definition of what net zero means. Put simply, net zero is where the greenhouse gasses emitted into the atmosphere are balanced out by those that are removed from it. 

Carbon consulting is a strategic process whereby consultants calculate all the emissions your business is producing and project a plan of action to reduce this over time, by planning, target setting, and monitoring.

In the current ever-changing economy, staying on top of your carbon emissions and prioritizing a plan to achieve net zero is more important than ever, because it will help to protect your business from rising costs and disruptions. 

The technology industry today is accountable for 4% of global emissions, which is said to substantially rise as digital technology advances. Action needs to be taken to reduce this number and reverse the predictions of it increasing. 

If you’re not sure where to start on your company’s sustainability journey, fear not, that’s where net zero consulting for technology companies comes in. Here at Energise, we have a variety of solutions on offer, embodied by our four-step strategy to action climate change; review, reduce, renew, and rebalance. We undertake carbon consulting and assessment for technology companies to help you create unique pathways. 

Identifying the challenges technology companies face in meeting net zero and their carbon reduction goals is a crucial part of our consultation process, to understand what the blockers are and how we can overcome them.

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We Understand Your Challenges

Achieving net zero within the technology sector comes with many complex challenges. We understand these and collaborate with you to address them.

Energy Consumption

Data is used everyday within the technology sector, but this digital infrastructure demands huge amounts of energy, and finding clean, renewable alternatives is very hard and requires large initial investments.

Supply Chain Emissions and Material

Many businesses in the technology sector rely on global supply chains for manufacturing and transportation. These supply chains emit large amounts of carbon, which can be a huge task to reduce.

Electronics contain raw earth materials, which contain radioactive elements. These elements contaminate water, air, and soil. However, sustainable alternatives to these materials are hard to find.

E-Waste & Product Life Cycles

Businesses in the technology sector invest heavily in electronic devices, many of which are not properly disposed of. 50 million tonnes of e-waste is generated across the globe each year. To add to this, planned obsolescence means products’ life cycles are shorter, adding to the mounting number of electronic devices ending up in landfills.

We understand that reducing your carbon emissions can be a big investment so we want to equip you with the right solutions that will make the biggest impact.

Benefits of Engaging with a Net Zero Consultant

The current climate crisis is not improving, change needs to happen fast. Implementing net zero consulting for technology companies is the first step. With access to a panel of experienced individuals along the way, no corporate sustainability problem will remain unsolved. 

Paired with carbon consulting and assessment for your technology business, we can utilize Big Data to help inform our decisions together to achieve net zero.

KIER Group – Zero Heroes in Safe Hands

Kier is a leading property, construction and services group. They operate across a range of sectors including defence, education, health, housing, industrials, power, property, transport and utilities.
Since partnering in 2013, Energise have assisted Kier in developing a clearer strategy on energy and carbon management. Alongside a wider set of actions this has seen Kier move from strength to strength in carbon management.

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