We produce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reports to support a variety of Net Zero solutions.
They can be a mandatory requirement based on your company status or a voluntary decision to produce the footprint of your business, a product or service. Energise has experience in producing GHG Reports across many industries and company sizes.

If you can measure it, you can monitor it!

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GHG Reporting

What you need to know

GHG Reporting is the first step of your sustainability journey. There are several standards to follow when reporting your emissions with the most widely used being the GHG Protocol. The protocol splits emissions into 3 scopes, covering all direct and indirect sources. 

  • Scope 1 – direct emission from combustion of fuels by facilities and vehicles
  • Scope 2 – indirect emissions from purchased electricity, steam, heat, and cooling
  • Scope 3 – indirect emissions from your value chain split into upstream and downstream emissions and into 15 categories.

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How does GHG Reporting move you closer to Net Zero?

GHG Reports often form the carbon baseline and the foundation of our Strategy work. Successfully delivering on the pathway to Net Zero includes continual measurement, which looks at performance in absolute terms, as well as against the strategy.

How we can help

We will provide you with comprehensive assessment, identifying current major emission sources and an outline of areas we believe you should focus on for reductions. Our service is aligned to ISO14064 section 1, the GHG protocol and the UK Government Guidelines on reporting GHG emissions. Together, we’ll agree which are applicable to you and begin the data collection process and use the assessment to develop a Carbon Baseline (if it’s your first time trying to understand your position). 

This will put us in a good position to develop your GHG Report, including a breakdown of all scopes selected and even an intensity metric (tCO2e per £million turnover) if that’s required.

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