EcoVadis certificates provide sustainability ratings for global supply chains. The assessment evaluates the sustainability performance of organisations across various sectors and regions.  

Our EcoVadis consultants provide tailored support to clarify your current position, identify where you can improve on sustainable procurement and map out your supply chain risks and opportunities.

Ecovadis provides the opportunity to demonstrate the sustainable action that your customers, investors and employees are demanding to see.


What you need to know

The EcoVadis process involves an evidence-based approach and focuses on a wide range of non-financial management systems including environmental impact, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. This can be a fantastic first step on your sustainability journey, or a great way to demonstrate your progress if you’ve already begun.

EcoVadis covers a broad range of industries, making it easy for multinational companies to assess organisations from different regions under a standardised framework. Our Ecovadis consultancy service provides the ideal overview and a route to improvement. 

Questions for our EcoVadis Team?

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How can EcoVadis make your business more sustainable?

Utilising EcoVadis can bring various benefits: 

  • Supply chain visibility: EcoVadis gives companies a clear view of the sustainability performance of their suppliers, allowing for a more transparent and accountable supply chain;
  • Competitive advantage: companies that prioritise sustainable sourcing can differentiate themselves in the market and satisfy stakeholder demands, especially in sectors where consumers are increasingly value-driven; 
  • Efficient evaluation process: EcoVadis provides a standardised, data-driven method to evaluate suppliers, making the assessment process more streamlined and consistent across different regions and sectors; 
  • Regulatory compliance: EcoVadis can help companies stay compliant with evolving sustainability-related regulations and standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties. 

How we can help

Our Ecovadis consultants provide comprehensive support, from identifying key stakeholders to advising what documentation you will need to submit alongside relevant commentary.

Our team will spend time with you in workshops and dig into questions and necessary evidence. Finally, we will review scores and identify future actions to place you in the strongest position going forwards.   

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