Social sustainability must be at the heart of business as usual.

Social sustainability is all about a company’s efforts to positively impact the people involved with or affected by its operations. Whether motivated by ethics, economics, or both, businesses around the world are recognising the importance of integrating social sustainability into their strategies and operations. 

Our team will provide tailored support, training and audits to identify your current position and unlock the next steps to ensure your organisation supports both planet and people.

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EcoVadis Consultancy

Demonstrate your social sustainability policies through EcoVadis, ensuring the supply chain transparency demanded by your customers, investors and stakeholders.  

Find out how our experts advise on completing the EcoVadis questionnaire, assisting with documentation, planning and commentary to build on your score and sustainable practices.    

The B Impact Assessment provides a comprehensive and objective measure of a company’s social and environmental impact, identifying areas of improvement and tracking progress over time. Our experts will provide a tailored approach to improve your score,  identify quick wins and align with leading practice for long term results. 

Explore how we can support your B Impact Assessment and set you up for success as a B Corp certified organisation and member of the B Lab Community. 

Our ESG gap analysis tool asseses your current position and where you can improve your environmental, social and governance strategy, mapped to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

Discover how our in-house ESG tool can help you quantify opportunities, identify simple changes and plan in-depth business integrations for a sustainable future.

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