Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)

SECR is the UK’s answer to aggregating the various energy and carbon reporting schemes that have existed in recent years.

The scheme requires all large businesses (anyone filing large accounts at Companies House) to report on carbon emissions from all electricity, gas and transport fuel use. Alongside the consumption and carbon reporting, each organisation must report an intensity metric and a summary of their energy efficiency activities.

            HOW DO YOU REPORT?

The report must be contained within the Annual Directors' Report (accounts filed at Companies House).

If SECR information is not included or considered inadequate with the Annual Report, it may be rejected and fines issued for late compliance.

            WHEN DO YOU REPORT?

SECR applies to any financial year beginning on or after 1st April 2019. If your Financial Year starts on 1st April, your Reporting Deadline is 31st March and your SECR report must be included in the Annual Directors' Report for that period.

            WHAT DO YOU REPORT?

Quoted companies need to report all Scope 1 emissions (on-site combustion) and all Scope 2 emissions (purchased energy). Unquoted companies need to report limited Scope 1 emissions (gas and company transport fuel), limited Scope 2 emissions (purchased electricity) and limited Scope 3 emissions (business mileage).

Both company types need to be measure against an intensity metric and show a comparison to previous periods.



                                                An opportunity or just more compliance?

Understanding your consumption and emissions is the first step in reducing your impact. No matter if you are a financially-focused business or a sustainability-focused business (or somewhere in between), SECR is the perfect opportunity to identify patterns of consumption across your portfolio and operations where you can kick-start a programme focused on Net Zero and targeting your high-cost areas.

Utilising annual (using Energise's SECR+ service gives you analysis on a quarterly basis) reporting allows businesses to make impactful and sustainable decisions that are data-driven, and to build a strategy of reducing energy consumption and reliance on limited natural resources. Our industry-leading, evidence-based, quality-assured service means you can have confidence in us to deliver for you.



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