Spotlight on...Stacey Penn

Our people are our biggest asset so we make sure we recruit those who share our values, have the ability to develop personally and the will to continue learning professionally.

We regularly shine the spotlight on one of our team. Looking at their journey to be here now, their role and their why – what drives them.

Today we meet

Stacey Penn, Head of Service Delivery

Tell us about your role

I manage the delivery of our external projects, ensuring they are delivered on time, in full, to budget, to our agreed standards. I also oversee the day-to-day management of our customer service, ensuring our customers are happy with the service they are receiving. In addition, I line manage Adam Wright, Client Lead and Laura Dwight, Data Administrator.

How did you get to where you are now?

I first began working with Energise in 2013 as a summer job during my University holiday as they needed some additional support within the Data Team to manage seasonal peaks. Following that I returned to Energise for my next two summer breaks assisting in the Data Team. Once I had finished my degree, I completed my Masters while working part time remotely for Energise, again within the Data Team. When I finished my masters, an opportunity opened up to join the Operations Team and it’s gone from there! My degree and Masters were actually in Sport Business Management, very different to what I’m doing now but the business and management foundations remain. I had always set my mind on a having career within the sports industry, but I’ve enjoyed working for Energise so much.

What drives you?

I like getting up in the morning and knowing that the work I’m doing is helping the environment and the problems we are collectively facing. I’ve always felt a need to help in some way and I feel that working for Energise allows me to achieve that.

What do you enjoy about your job and what challenges you?

I enjoy the pressure that comes with the job, dealing with so many streams of data and project managing so many different projects. One of the challenges I face daily is making sure I balance internal and external expectations and objectives within our projects. I have the privilege of being able to work with family – my mum is Sarah Penn, our Operations Director. Working with my mum is great, and we’ve found a good balance. Work is work; home is home. We’ve set good boundaries.

What are your hopes for the future?

I hope to see Energise grow as a business and reach its full potential. Knowing I’m going to be a part of that is exciting.

Who inspires you?

My inspiration naturally comes from the sporting world. I admire Sir Alex Ferguson; he encompasses everything a leader should have. The amount he’s managed to achieve is an inspiration and he got the absolute best out of his players – I aspire to do that with my team.

Tell us three facts about you?

1. At age 15 I completed an archaeological dig with Cambridge University and Time Team – all I found was cow bones and some pottery!

2. I have sung at the Royal Albert Hall as a child

3. Sport is extremely important to me. I have been very fortunate to play football at a high level and have worked at a number of high-profile sporting events across the world. I am a huge Manchester United fan!

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