Spotlight on.. Ross Pickering

We know that our people are our biggest asset. Someone vital to our team is Ross Pickering, our Net Zero Consultant. He's been a part of our team for just over two years.

Tell us about your role

I work with our clients’ directly and tailor a response that will help them achieve their Net Zero targets. It’s exciting that sometimes this process starts with a specific government compliance piece, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) or energy surveys for ESOS (the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) for example, but often leads to meaningful, in-depth strategic work across the organisation.

Time and time again I found that once an organisation understands how they can make a difference, they are happy to do more towards achieving Net Zero. We’ve taken on some EPC projects with Kings’ College London which resulted in their team following up with energy surveys; I’ve also recently seen another key client of ours use the EPC of a building to start moving their building closer to Net Zero emissions. In this case, my role is to run the model we have created on this building through different tests to determine a technical plan to increase their performance.

These are powerful examples of starting points which give our partners the visibility they need for a realistic approach to moving closer to Net Zero operations.

How did you get to where you are now?

I studied Environmental Science at UWE in Bristol as a mature student, after prioritizing travelling and other personal development in my earlier 20s. The degree opened my eyes to sustainability issues broadly, so I decided I needed to focus on energy management in my postgrad certificate.

I have held different roles in the energy and sustainability sector since 2014, mainly as an energy assessor, but I’ve also led on a programme of energy efficiency grants for SMEs.

What do you enjoy about your job at Energise?

Must be the variety! I like getting out and about; one day I would be in the office, the next I could be working from home, then I might be on site collecting data for a project the day after.

I’m also very proud of how interesting my portfolio of clients is, it gives me the sense that there’s always this huge opportunity to help multiple sectors start their pathway to Net Zero.

What challenges you about your role?

There’s an obvious reverse of the model effect to the variety my job comes with: the unknown. I never know what to expect when I first visit a new client or building site, so it takes a certain amount of strength and patience to go in with zero assumptions.

What inspires you?

I dream big: the prospect of a fairer society, connectivity and sharing ideas is inspiring me to act on the changes I want to see in the world. Sometimes that means reflecting on my diet; often it has to do with my relationship with consumerism, learning not to go straight to buying brand new, swapping, or reusing as much as I can.

Since having my 2 children, I’m always trying to pass on these skills and knowledge to the next generation. I want to help them think big and be creative.

What are your hopes for the future?

I hope to see a progressive change in how we live and govern ourselves as a society. I believe we need rapid, radical action to limit the consequences of climate change. I’d like to believe that it won’t be long until businesses and industries take the initiative to reduce their emissions, and we need to support and amplify this.

Tell us three facts about you?

1. I have a very practical side & I enjoy making new things from old, for example: I’ve used old oak floorboards from my house to make shelves. I like the practical and re-purposing aspect of this kind of thing and the skills I gain and the satisfaction of creating something new.

2. I like being outdoors and really enjoy working on my garden. It’s a great way to unwind and I enjoy creating an environment that my family can enjoy and teaching my children about the plants and animals we see.

3. Whenever I get the chance to travel, I like to go Scuba Diving, It feels like a real adventure and you’re never sure what you might encounter!

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