Spotlight on...Damien Doyle

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Our people are our biggest asset so we make sure we recruit those who share our values, have the ability to develop personally and the will to continue learning professionally.

In 2020 we will regularly shine the spotlight on one of our team. Looking at their journey to be here now, their role and their why – what drives them.

Today we meet our Net Zero Champion, Damien Doyle.

Damien has been with Energise for six months.

What is your role here?

I have spent the last six months moulding and driving the Net Zero Club, preparing marketing resources, and engaging with SMEs - finding out what their problems are, and advising on how they can benefit from joining the Net Zero Club.

What drives you?

Chasing the feeling of freedom. I’m passionate about protecting wildlife and nature. Knowing that the work we’re doing here is helping means I can work within my values which is incredibly important to me.

What do you enjoy about your job and what challenges you?

As I mentioned it’s important to me to be able to work within my values. I really like the way that Energise is set up, the people are great, and the work we’re doing – it doesn’t feel like a job. The challenging side is just what comes with setting up something new, but in the same light it’s such an opportunity.

What are your hopes for the future?

I hope that Net Zero Club is a massive success – if it is doing well it means I’m doing a good job, but also it means we’re cutting carbon and having a positive impact on the world, wildlife and nature.

Who inspires you?

I’m into astronomy and physics, Michio Kaku inspires me. He sees the bigger picture. When I feel stressed or in my head, looking at his work just puts things into perspective for me.

Tell us three facts about you?

1. I was raised in Dundee from the age of 5 to 16

2. I played in goal for Dundee FC youth team growing up

3. My friends say I am incredibly competitive, but I like to keep that quiet for the most part.

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