Spotlight on...Adam Wright

Our people are our biggest asset. We make sure we recruit those who share our values, have the ability to develop personally and the will to continue learning professionally.

In 2020 we are shining the spotlight on our team. We take a look at their journeys to be here now, their roles and their whys – what drives them.

Today we talk to our Client Lead, Adam Wright, who has been with us for two years. Adam was a finalist in the Junior Energy Management Professional of the Year category at the EMA Energy Management Awards 2019. He also volunteers as a Scout Leader.

What is your role here?

For the last two years I’ve been an energy consultant so have been out on site with various clients auditing and then writing reports back in the office. I have completed over 200 audits in that time! I’ve recently changed role to be Client Lead. In my new role I am the primary liaison between our clients and the team at Energise – the client’s voice essentially. I thrive on client contact and developing relationships, so my new role is drawing on my greatest interest and strengths.

What drives you?

I’m a keen influencer and I strive to change the way our clients see their energy use and impact on the environment. Initially the environmental impact of significant energy use was not at the forefront of my mind but since seeing first-hand the sheer scale and wasteful nature of the UK’s energy use, my interests have evolved to focus on the impact we can have on the current and future generations.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy working with our team and regularly initiate team building activities, such as lunchtime table tennis, and an energy saving competition. I am always on hand to support colleagues and mentor new team members. In my new role I’m particularly looking forward to moulding the standards for our customer service. Good customer service, to me, is having somebody who listens, communicates effectively and supports the client to meet their objectives.

So, tell us about your role as a Scout Leader?

I have been a Scout Leader since I was 18, looking after around 25 10.5 – 14-year-old young people, provide providing them with skills for life alongside my team of four other leaders. I lead Scouts to develop themselves through learning-by-doing by using all different activities; camping, expeditions, digital programming, axe throwing. The list is endless. It takes a lot of my time, but I enjoy it. There is no better feeling than seeing our future generations succeed.

What have you learned through volunteering that has helped you in your job?

As I lead both young people and adult volunteers, I’ve undertaken The Scouts’ own leadership and management training. Completing this at around the age of 20 really gave me a running start in my professional life with a background and knowledge of how to work with people and leadership skills.

Would you recommend volunteering to others?

Absolutely – like anything, it has its ups and downs, but the ups outweigh the downs. Whatever it is you do, your skills and time are the most precious thing you can offer.

How can someone get involved with helping The Scouts?

There are 639,000 people involved in The Scouts but there are still 60,000 young people on waiting lists due to a shortage of leaders. There are so many different roles available - from leaders to treasurers, chairs to secretaries - that your skills will fit in somewhere. Contact your local group through The Scouts website to see how you can join in.

How does Energise encourage / value / support employees volunteering?

Energise provides an extra fully paid day each year for every member of the team to volunteer in the local community. They’ve been offering this since they first started employing people nearly a decade ago. More recently, they’ve started to identify volunteering opportunities for the team to connect with as this has been a barrier to uptake in the past. They hope to start extending this out beyond their employee base to encourage a wider uptake of volunteering across the UK.

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