Advice from our CEO - National Careers Week

This National Careers Week our CEO and Co-founder Tamsin Alsbury shares with you her biggest learnings in running a business.

The last 12 years have been a very steep learning curve. My advice would be that the most important thing you can do when you’re a business owner is to reflect on who you are, what your values are, and create your business in line with those values. We had a phase where we were swept up in delivering work aimed at purely money saving for clients. That didn’t align with our values and as a result didn’t satisfy us.

“When I was on maternity leave, I took time to reflect on what I wanted to be doing in the business because I didn’t feel it was a place where I could be who I wanted to be. Since then I’ve really gained that understanding of why it wasn’t working for me. I wasn’t being true to myself. We were letting ourselves be led by what other businesses were doing rather than saying: ‘Actually, we want to do things a different way.’ Now we have a very clear identity and know what is important to us and that enables us to lead the way – a better way of doing business, an honest voice in the industry, fairer management of staff, and clearer communication with clients.

“The more we have the clarity on who we are, and what our values are, the more confident we feel in living and working in an authentic, aligned way.”

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