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In 2008, husband and wife duo Simon and Tamsin Alsbury set off on a mission to "save the world" by educating organisations on the importance and practicalities of improving their energy efficiency.


What they discovered along the way was that running a business "the right way," where business is used as a vehicle for good both in the work it delivers and the way it relates to its stakeholders, is the key to real change. 

Because living more sustainably, being mindful of the environment we're in and our relationship to this planet we call home, is less about climate change and more about culture change.

And while our understanding of what's required to shift our economy towards net zero has changed over the passed decade, our commitment and passion hasn't. This work has never been more important and we've never been more excited about the opportunities that exist to change the way the world does business.

A bit about our history and values.


Energise has adopted a set of values based on the pioneering work carried out by Dr. Brené Brown. These values set out the foundation upon which our relationships with our employees, clients, suppliers and partners are developed. 

If you work with or for Energise, it’s important that you understand these values and how they may impact you. The collection of values combines together to cultivate trust in relationships, something that we at Energise pride ourselves on and highlight as one of our USPs. Without trust, we have nothing.


The values we've adopted are:

  • B - Boundaries

  • R - Reliability

  • A - Accountability

  • V - Vault

  • I - Integrity

  • N - Nonjudgement

  • G - Generosity

For more information about the BRAVING values, click here


Tamsin Alsbury

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Simon Alsbury
Managing Director

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Sarah Penn
Operations Director

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Alison Alsbury
Non-Exec Director

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Carol Metherell
Head of
Internal Services

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Alison is an experienced consultant specialising in work force modelling and strategy.

Mags Kelly
Head of
Technical Services

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Jack Waring
Head of
Net Zero

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Stacey Penn
Head of
Service Delivery

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Kris Nicholls
Principal Consultant

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Catherine Parkinson
Systems Developer

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Adam Wright
Client Lead

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Ross Pickering
Net Zero Consultant

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Laura Dwight
Data Administrator

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Taylor Curtis
Office Administrator

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Damien Doyle
Net Zero Champion

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Joshua Jeffries
Energy Consultant

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Conor Molloy

Authentic Energy Management Services

Paul Stevenson

Larkdown Environmental

Tara Taylor

Future Energy Performance

James Kirkwood

kW Energy Consultants


Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world.
Are you up to the challenge?

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