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We back our Energy Management service with a Performance Guarantee whereby we guarantee that you will save at least your project fee in each year. If we don't, guess who pays the difference? We do.

Our Energy Manager service is about solving energy efficiency issues as they arise. This retained service is the equivalent of having an in-house energy manager, with a dedicated part-time or full-time consultant on hand to provide a range of services and strategic advice. This service perfectly accompanies our End to End Net Zero Partner service.


A typical Energy Management programme with Energise will consist of: energy data management; monitoring, targeting and reporting; site, fleet and process surveys; project implementation support; engagement and behaviour change. We can adapt your programme to meet the needs to your business. All Energy Management programmes will also include the development on an Energy Strategy to set out a long-term plan and actions.



Energy & water accounts for a significant amount of cost for a business and with prices forecast to increase year-on-year, businesses should consider that the cheapest form of energy is that which you don't use.

As well as the financial benefits, Energy Management and Reduction are 1 part of a 4 stage Carbon Strategy and as a more sustainable business, you'll become more attractive to your employees, customers and suppliers.



Your Energy Strategy produced as part of the programme will be carbon-focused but also include other indicators such as financial measures. We can further extend our work to being collected other forms of carbon emissions such as waste, purchased goods and commuting. This would start you on your Pathway to Net Zero.

We also offer a full turnkey solution to implementing identified capital projects from design through to commissioning through our Simplified service. Simplified can be financed through savings-related agreements.


Not achieved the targeted savings? We'll pay.

With our Performance Guarantee, there is little risk to you for our Energy Management Programme.

Reducing your energy consumption means:

  • you will save money from reduced energy spend and reduced ongoing operation and maintenance

  • you're engaging with your employees through our engagement and behaviour change service

  • you will start in the first steps towards achieving Net Zero which will put you ahead of the sustainability curve making you a more attractive business to new and existing employees, customers and suppliers.


How we deliver

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