At Energise, we can support your organisation wherever you sit in the Construction supply chain in developing your approach to being part of a net zero and sustainable built environment.


Our track record in this sector includes experience of delivery from top tier contractors to individual trades and suppliers.


Here's how we support you
on the Pathway to Net Zero:

1. Review

Carbon footprinting

Embodied carbon analysis

2. Reduce

Operational demand and consumption improvements
(in offices, on sites, and in fleet)

Life cycle carbon reductions

3. Renew

Adoption of
renewable energy,
alternative fuels,
innovative technology
& resource approaches

Transition to circular economy

4. Rebalance

Offset any of residual carbon emissions


Keyboard and Mouse

As a large and complex company we needed a partner who could provide a wide range of services, deliver them across a significant contact network and handle the technical detail throughout the process – a “safe pair of hands”. From day one it has been clear that Energise could deliver what we needed and they have played a key part in the progress that we are making towards our sustainability goals.

Peter Johnson

Group Environmental Manager (former)

Kier Group plc

> Customer profile

The Kier Group is split into 4 business streams: Construction, Highways, Infrastructure, and Utilities and Rail. Across all these, there are over 15,000 employees and over 7,000 subcontractors.

Kier runs a varied range of projects within their portfolio. From highways maintenance to ultra-low-carbon leisure centres, from major water infrastructure install to building prisons, the project list is vast, diverse and, often, complex especially in relation to carbon.

As a large organisation, Kier has to participate in half a dozen different schemes (inc. CRC, Mandatory GHG Reporting and ESOS).

> Objectives

The relationship between Kier and Energise started in 2013 where we were brought in to provide utilities management, energy reporting, CRC and MCR compliance reporting, and CDP submissions. This service provision continues to this day and has since also included energy strategy development and management, ESOS compliance, surveys and MEES compliance, and efficiency project implementation.


Our current support for Kier has developed to maintain all the previously mentioned services with a key focus on developing carbon baselines, carbon strategies and action plans for each business stream which have now been adopted into the business with targets set.

> Process and delivery

Through the delivery of our services from 2013 to 2019, we built a vast collection of information, experience, and knowledge of Kier, how they operate and their energy and carbon characteristics. We utilised this to both of our advantages, as well as workshops, additional information gathering, scenario modelling and development of scope 3 data reporting methodologies.

Keyboard and Mouse

Kier has built an excellent, collaborative relationship with Energise over an eight-year period of working together. The Energise team understand the complexities of our business and our strategic aims and have recently supported the delivery of clear Net Zero carbon pathways for our core businesses. This work is supported by a solid foundation of comprehensive data management.

Jade Hunt

Group Environmental Manager (former)

Kier Group plc


> Outcomes

Since being instructed, Energise have assisted Kier in developing a clearer strategy on energy and carbon management. Because of our interventions, Kier colleagues understood that carbon is a core business matter, something that impacts the entire business and has significant financial and commercial implications.

Alongside a wider set of actions, this has seen Kier move from strength to strength in carbon management.

> Challenges and lessons learnt

As a Group, Kier needed to establish a single system for data management, incorporating financial, carbon and management reporting. To add to this, to progress internal requirements for improved communication, the setup required a helpdesk for queries within the group to be directed to.

Initially, Energise were instructed to conduct a GAP analysis of portfolio to identify areas where energy and carbon management could be improved. Our remit has been about providing a central point of contact, coordination, and compliance work, covering a wide variety of schemes, both compulsory and voluntary.

These foundations led to our team of Net Zero consultants producing a comprehensive and realistic Pathway to Net Zero for the group.

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