Our Carbon & Environment consultants specialise in delivering high-quality Net Zero action plans and reporting services to customers.

Organisations need to consider carbon and environmental management carefully to ensure their activity is sustainable.

With each new project, we aim to go beyond meeting reporting obligations to maximise your positive impact on the world. From supply chain engagement to waste reduction and carbon literacy for your network, our suite of Carbon & Environment solutions have you and your team covered. 

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GHG Reporting

You can’t manage what you don’t measure – that’s why greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting is the first step of your sustainability journey.

Explore some of the Net Zero applications of GHG reports.

As we try to make the world more circular (use the waste from one process as a resource for another), it is vital that we get a deeper understanding of the impacts at each stage.

At Energise, we use life cycle assessments (LCAs) to measure the total impact on the environment and mainly focus on carbon impacts. 

The challenge of reaching Net Zero requires wide scale collaboration across the economy. That’s why supply chain engagement must be a key part of your sustainability strategy, with scope 3 emissions often being the biggest portion of an organisation’s carbon footprint.

Learn about our experience with Scope 3 emissions and our solution to constructive engagement within your upstream and downstream your value chain. 

Achieving a credible Net Zero outcome will require not just an accelerated decarbonisation strategy, but you will also need to understand what actions you are going to take around offsetting and when. 

Offsets are only part of the answer, but they’re a crucial part to get right and we can help you find the right solution for your organisation.

The scheme requires all large businesses (anyone filing large accounts at Companies House) to report on carbon emissions from all electricity, gas and transport fuel use.
Alongside the consumption and carbon reporting, each organisation must report an intensity metric and a summary of their energy efficiency activities.

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